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One of the big arguments of the day is whether or not gay marriages should be legally recognized. Currently, there are some states that allow for gay marriage but it has only been recognized on a federal level within certain federal agencies. While many states have begun recognizing this form of marriage, the federal government has been slower. It now recognizes gay marriage but not within all segments of the federal government.

Are Individual States Empowered To Enact Their Own Laws?

Individual states have the power to enact their own system of civil and criminal laws. These laws can be enforced by state and local police forces as well as city and county court and state-supported prisons. The laws differ substantially between states which can cause issues for some that often move from state-to-state. Anyone in the US who moves to a new state should always make sure that any questionable situation is checked out to see what the local or individual state laws are. For instance Bastrop

Understanding The Difference Between Criminal And Civil Court

Whereas federal laws will often be centered around constitutional and country-wide laws, the individual states generally focus on civil and criminal law as it relates to the state.  There is a substantial difference between civil court and criminal court. Anyone who has an issue related to property, money, debts, and divorce will handle it in civil court. Anyone who has broken any of the state laws needing a Bastrop DWI lawyer will be subject to prosecution within the criminal court system. Within all 50 states, the criminal system categorizes its offenses as misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are minor offenses that can include littering, minor shoplifting, drunk in public and other similar offenses.

Felonies are more serious and they can include physical altercations, drug-related offenses, auto theft, and armed robbery. In a typical situation, those who have committed some type of misdemeanor offense will either be given a warning or often they will be given a fine or similar penalty. It is common for someone who is visiting a state or who is a foreigner and is unaware of a particular law, to break it unknowingly and in these types of situations they are very often either let off with a warning or given a fine that they can pay immediately so that they are not required to attend court.